Amber (20) – Surgery

Amber (20) – Surgery

Amber is a young lady, who has suffered with headaches and seizures. Today (Thursday 7th June 2018) she has collapsed and (as I write), is about to undergo critical emergency surgery in the UK.

Her dad (John) flew from Tenerife to be with her during her last illness just a couple of weeks back. John is however now back in Tenerife and is not able to get a flight to be with Amber, at this critical time, until Saturday.

Please pray for Amber (and the surgeons) and also for her dad John who will be so anxious this morning. Thank you OAC.

UPDATE 7:55pm Thursday 7th June 2018
Amber is through surgery…awake and talking.
Thanks for your prayers. Keep praying through the weekend

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  1. Adrian McBride

    The sad news is that Amber has suffered a major stroke as a result of the pressure on her brain. Not sure yet of the outcome. Please keep praying for Amber and her dad John.

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