Call to Action – Daniel Fast

Call to Action – Daniel Fast

On the 4th March 2018, Pastor Simon will begin a new series and will throw out the invitation to the church to join with him on the 11th March, for 21 days on the Daniel Fast. During this period from the 4th March to Easter Sunday (1st April), he will be teaching on the spiritual aspects and practicalities which we can address in our lives, to really go ‘deeper with God’.

SERMON SERIES:  4th March – 1st April
21 DAY FAST:   11th March – 1st April

If you are new to fasting, make no mistake, this is a real challenge, but is one which will reward you in ways you never dreamed of.  Its not about the food, it’s about the ‘relationship’ and that is where the primary focus of Pastor Simon’s teaching will be during the series.

To that end, while the practical side is important, there are already a lot of resources available online, including some books which Pastor Simon will share in church for you to purchase. These will really enable you to be creative in your food preparation.

A good start is to walk with Doctor Josh Axe.  This video will introduce you to him.  Dr Axe speaks about three practical things you should do during the Daniel Fast. Enjoy as we prepare for ’21 days in March’.


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