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A family I am friendly with, a christian family in Ukraine, need your prayers. Yury (father) in his early 40s attended a doctor re progressive loss of sight over a very short period of time. An MRI scan revealed a brain tumour pressing on the eye nerves. An urgent operation is required and should take place next week. Please pray for this young family with two children. For the neurosurgeon and for all the finances the family would require to…

Urgent Bed and Surgery Needed

The son-in-law of a church member is in agony and requires immediate surgery to relieve his pain – but there is not a bed available in CAH. (Further, he, his wife and family are supposed to be flying out on holiday on Thursday, but this is looking unlikely unless he can have the surgery he needs). Please pray for a miracle: 1) a Bed and surgery and / or 2) a physical and ‘natural’ divine intervention

Amber (20) – Surgery

Amber is a young lady, who has suffered with headaches and seizures. Today (Thursday 7th June 2018) she has collapsed and (as I write), is about to undergo critical emergency surgery in the UK. Her dad (John) flew from Tenerife to be with her during her last illness just a couple of weeks back. John is however now back in Tenerife and is not able to get a flight to be with Amber, at this critical time, until Saturday. Please…

The McBride Family

This message from Adrian McBride re his family, asking for us as his church family to pray. He writes: We are in need of Prayer. Joanne (daughter) is really very ill at the moment and whatever is going on with the infection it is causing a lot of the ‘stroke symptoms’ to reappear. Doc is seriously concerned. Lorraine’s mum is meanwhile deteriorating. It has reached a point where she needs more care. David (son), flew to USA for important Board…

Prayer Request – Debbie

As a church we have been praying for ‘Debbie in Tenerife’ for some months now.  Debbie has cancer.   At this moment, Debbie has been in hospital all over Christmas and hasn’t eaten for 12 days. She has lost 8kgs.  Debbie says she is feeling weak, emotional and afraid.  Debbie will be reading this from her hospital bed in Tenerife, and we send her our love and prayers.
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