“But just as you excel in everything—
in faith, in speech, in knowledge,
in complete earnestness
and in your love for us—
see that you also excel in this grace of giving.”
2 Corinthians 8:7

Because Giving is different than paying

So how does Givt work?

The first step is installing the app. For Givt to work effectively, it’s important that the giver enables Bluetooth. The Givt solution works with a smartphone, and a Givt transmitter in the collection bag or basket. The giver chooses an amount in the Givt app and moves the phone over the transmitter in the bag and the gift is done. It therefore feels very similar to giving with cash.


It is also possible to give by scanning a (Givt-) QR code like the one below.

Or you can donate when you are at home on the couch, in the car, or on holiday by selecting OPEN ARMS CHURCH PORTADOWN from a list in the app.

So three ways to donate with the app:

  • LIST (in the app) by selecting OPEN ARMS CHURCH PORTADOWN
  • QR Code in church
  • Bag in church during the offering in the service
Gift Aid Anonymously


If you are a UK tax payer you can click in the app to have your donation automatically gift aided. This allows GIVT to reclaim a further 25% from the UK government and they (GIVT) do this automatically and pass the gift aid directly to us without any further administration on our side. Using GIVT in this way, the church never knows who made a donation or the amount. Only GIVT know the identity of any giver. This feature alone has led to an increase in gift aided donations to churches.

What do you need to give with givt ?

Giving made simpler and more convenient

To give with GIVT you obviously need a smartphone (Android or iOS) including the installation of the Givt app. You enter your e-mail address and start giving immediately after downloading.  It’s that simple.

You can complete your further registration at a later time. When you register you enter a number of personal details (your address, mobile number and your bank account number). You also sign an authorisation so that money can be debited from your account. The Givt app is designed so that you can easily be guided through this process.

With Givt OAC is prepared for the future and you will be ready to keep on supporting us, whenever and wherever. 

You will have a permanent record on your phone of your personal giving and can even give to the church from anywhere and at anytime – ie if you are not able to attend a service.

So why not download the app today, search for OPEN ARMS CHURCH PORTADOWN and be ready to change how you support your local church. Thank you for your support!


Update: Tuesday 17th March 2020 In light of the recent announcements by the prime minister and the world health organisation, we have taken the decision as elders to cancel all church services until further notice. Please be aware that we are putting contingency plans in place to continue to communicate with our church family on a corporate and personal level. We will be updating this website, our facebook page as well as continuing to make announcements via the church WhatsApp…

Call to Action – Daniel Fast

FAMILY FAST CHALLENGE AND GUIDE (download it here) From the very beginning of Open Arms Church we have made it a priority to seek God first in prayer for guidance, wisdom and direction. On the 19th January 2020, Pastor Simon will begin a new 3 week series after throwing out the invitation for the previous two weeks to the church to join with him on that date 19th January, for 21 days on the Daniel Fast. During this period he…


A family I am friendly with, a christian family in Ukraine, need your prayers. Yury (father) in his early 40s attended a doctor re progressive loss of sight over a very short period of time. An MRI scan revealed a brain tumour pressing on the eye nerves. An urgent operation is required and should take place next week. Please pray for this young family with two children. For the neurosurgeon and for all the finances the family would require to…

Our new home – 3rd FEB 2019

UPDATE Wed 23rd January: The men from the church are working hard at putting in our new sound systems, lighting and moving all of the equipment from our current home to our new home in Harford Street. Our final Sunday in Portmore Street will be January 27th 2019 – and the 3rd February will be our first Sunday in our new home. THE STORY SO FAR: It was Sunday the 1st February 2015 when we first opened the doors to…

Israel Trip – September 2019

TOUR Date:  17 – 26th September 2019 30 places – BOOKING AVAILABLE – NOW click FOR booking form THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME ….. that will change your life and the way you read the Bible.  Nothing compares to standing in the places where Jesus and other Biblical characters walked. More than a trip that can be summarised in images or words, this is a journey that is unique and quite often becomes an individual experience. From Mt Carmel where…

Building Fund Sunday

As the building work continues on our new home, we estimate completion for November 2018. It’s an exciting time as final plans start to come together. We hope to be in well before Christmas. On Sunday September 30th we are holding a building fund Sunday. All of the offering lifted on this day will go towards the building fund. Of course, what we would love to do and what we will be able to do, will be very much determined…

Urgent Bed and Surgery Needed

The son-in-law of a church member is in agony and requires immediate surgery to relieve his pain – but there is not a bed available in CAH. (Further, he, his wife and family are supposed to be flying out on holiday on Thursday, but this is looking unlikely unless he can have the surgery he needs). Please pray for a miracle: 1) a Bed and surgery and / or 2) a physical and ‘natural’ divine intervention

Amber (20) – Surgery

Amber is a young lady, who has suffered with headaches and seizures. Today (Thursday 7th June 2018) she has collapsed and (as I write), is about to undergo critical emergency surgery in the UK. Her dad (John) flew from Tenerife to be with her during her last illness just a couple of weeks back. John is however now back in Tenerife and is not able to get a flight to be with Amber, at this critical time, until Saturday. Please…

The McBride Family

This message from Adrian McBride re his family, asking for us as his church family to pray. He writes: We are in need of Prayer. Joanne (daughter) is really very ill at the moment and whatever is going on with the infection it is causing a lot of the ‘stroke symptoms’ to reappear. Doc is seriously concerned. Lorraine’s mum is meanwhile deteriorating. It has reached a point where she needs more care. David (son), flew to USA for important Board…

Our New Building Plans

As we stepped into our 4th year as a church on the 4th February 2018, we presented our new building plans in some detail to the church family.  Please pray into this. These are now with the planners. A couple ‘taster’ photos of the overall plans of the building are shown below, showing the entrance and coffee / couch area, with picture 2 showing the folding wall removed to allow for overflow into main sanctuary and additional seating etc when…

2018 Outline and News

Following on from the first of our new series last Sunday morning, “This year…..it’s gonna be different” this Sunday @ 11am, we will be announcing some really exciting news re 2018 and outlining details of events / ministries for the year ahead.  (DV) Don’t miss this Sunday – 11am These are exciting times for us at OAC and for people of ‘FAITH’.  

A new year……renewed vision – 2018

The new year is a time when (after the December break), I feel refreshed and ready to go again.  2017 has been a significant year in our church development with many challenges and lessons learnt in the planting of a new church like ours. I intend to speak more (especially in the early part of 2018) re the ‘burden’ God has placed on me and the leadership of the church.    Our new sermon series “This year……..it’s gonna be different”…
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