Our new home – 3rd FEB 2019

Our new home – 3rd FEB 2019

UPDATE Wed 23rd January: The men from the church are working hard at putting in our new sound systems, lighting and moving all of the equipment from our current home to our new home in Harford Street. Our final Sunday in Portmore Street will be January 27th 2019 – and the 3rd February will be our first Sunday in our new home.


It was Sunday the 1st February 2015 when we first opened the doors to Open Arms Church and had our first service in what has since become affectionately known as ‘the upper room’.

The upper room – our home for the past 4 years

It was so encouraging to instantly meet new people on that first Sunday and many of those folk are still with us today.

In the past 4 years, we have been supported by our friends in other local churches. We want to extend thanks to them – they know who they are. With their support, we have been able to exist as a church by holding funerals and weddings during that time in both those churches and in our own ‘upper room’. Thank you.

As the OAC family itself has developed and grown, our vision has become enlarged, and so our needs for a new larger building (preferably on the ground floor) became clear. So for the past 2-3 years the church board have been actively seeking where God would lead us to next.

Christmas party in full flow as many people get their first sight of our new building

After what seemed like a never ending journey, just over 1 year ago, we identified our new home and sought planning permission for OAC to be situated in Harford Street, Portadown. Planning approval granted, and with building works completed, (at quite a push) we celebrated by having our Christmas party night on Friday the 14th December in our new, but as yet ‘unfinished’ new home.

View from the sound desk area to the stage area before our Christmas party

A very special day took place on the last Sunday in December 2018. At the end of our church service (in the upper room) we invited the church family into our new home and held a time of communion and worship together. For those there, it was a very real moment of dedication and excitement marking the end of one year (and an era) and the start of something very positively new.

Right now (January 2019)- all of our new lighting and sound equipment is arriving and is being installed into the stage/ceiling areas. TV’s are being installed at each side of the stage area and in the overflow/meet and greet area. The kids church kitchen is being installed into the children’s church and that room just needs to be carpeted, ready for the children to take up residence in their new home. (not shown in photos).

Lighting being installed and tested – January 2019

We want to thank everyone for their support over the past 4 years and for staying with the vision for OAC and the vision we have to make a Kingdom impact in Portadown. We look forward to what God has in 2019 and beyond (DV) has in our new home and if you’ve never paid us a visit, we would love to welcome you. If you’ve been with us before and not been back in a while, we would also love to see you.

We serve a mighty and a faithful God and our aim is to try to be (in name and nature) – Open Arms Church. God Bless.

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