Red Bell Notifications

Red Bell Notifications

The Red Bell that appears on the right hand side of this site is your gateway to unlocking notifications on our website.

If you would like to receive unobtrusive notifications when you are browsing the web about:

  1. Prayer requests
  2. New Sermon uploads
  3. New Announcements

then the red bell is your friend.  Clicking on the red bell will tell your browser to notify you with a little sliding box (even when you are not browsing our website) of any of the above events.  You can either dismiss it, or let it disappear (after a few seconds) or click on it to be taken to the event on our website.

And there is more:

Prayer requests will appear on the website along with the ability for you to let the person / people know you are praying for them by adding your comments.

The person you are praying for may also choose to update the progress of their prayer requests – keeping anyone who has commented, or who views the page, up to date.

So if you haven’t yet rang the red bell, we encourage you to do that now.  You can also the notifications just as easy as you started.

Note:  If the red bell does not appear for you on the website, it means you are either already subscribed to notifications or your browser is not compatible.
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