Sermons on Evangelism

Sermons on Evangelism

BORN for MORE (1)

The first of our new series ‘Born for More’. What is ‘more’? What people think ‘more’ is and what ‘more’ is not? This message Sets the foundation for the church to ‘prepare for more’ and to understand what really is important in the life of the church and each Christian today. Were you Born for More? We believe you were.

SENT (part 3)

With the patten of evangelism, leadership and collective accountability starting to take shape through this series, Pastor Simon today focuses in on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and discusses how the operation of them today in many churches is quite different from the pattern of operation in the early church. Without doubt, much damage has been done to individuals and to the church today by an abuse and mis-use of the gifts. This raises the question: Does the mindset…

SENT (part 2)

Some requests were made to include the full service in our recordings, so this recording includes a small part of the worship service. (Sermon starts approximate 16 minutes in).

SENT (part 1)

As we enter our new church building, we do so on our 4th Birthday as a church family. This morning we launch our new evangelism program/culture with a short introduction by Martin and Jane Maze (evangelists in OAC) and this is then followed by Pastor Simon opening our new ‘Sent’ series. (There was an audio issue with this recording, which we hope doesn’t distract from your listening experience…..it will be resolved by next week). Enjoy.

Questions God Asks (final)

Today we sit in our cars and type into google where we want to go. Google already knows our current location, but only we can provide the information re the destination. Most of the time, google will take you where you want to go, without error. However, there are times when we’ve not believed the sat nav and taken our own turns, putting us off course. At which point google will inform us, that it is ‘recalculating’. This morning, the…
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