The McBride Family

The McBride Family

This message from Adrian McBride re his family, asking for us as his church family to pray.

He writes:
We are in need of Prayer. Joanne (daughter) is really very ill at the moment and whatever is going on with the infection it is causing a lot of the ‘stroke symptoms’ to reappear. Doc is seriously concerned.

Lorraine’s mum is meanwhile deteriorating. It has reached a point where she needs more care.

David (son), flew to USA for important Board meetings. His youngest son had a serious Asthma attack the night before he left…

Lorraine (wife) is exhausted and stressed out.

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  1. Sarah Tyler

    Praying for all these needs for the Lord to move in His mighty power and glory. May His healing flow through their bodies and manifest quickly. May all stress, trauma, and anxiety be broken off, in the matchless Name above all names, Jesus!

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