A family I am friendly with, a christian family in Ukraine, need your prayers.

Yury (father) in his early 40s attended a doctor re progressive loss of sight over a very short period of time. An MRI scan revealed a brain tumour pressing on the eye nerves. An urgent operation is required and should take place next week.

Please pray for this young family with two children. For the neurosurgeon and for all the finances the family would require to cover the costs of same. OLGA.

UPDATE: 3rd October 2019

Letter from the family in Ukraine:

Dear All, operation has just finished at 12.15 ukrainian time. Doctor advises that all went well. We thank God and you for your prayer support. With the operation over, which was a big part, we need your prayers for the recovery stage. Yuri has not woken up yet after his operation. God bless you all.


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