What to Expect

What to Expect

One of our church straplines, says it best about who we are and what you should expect.

A casual place, for a serious faith

We love God’s word, worship and fellowship.  We are driven by the the last command of Jesus to spread the good news of the gospel.   Our church services are primarily built around those three things.


Firstly, when you arrive, a warm and friendly welcome will await.  (But we won’t overwhelm you either).  First thing people do is grab a coffee/tea.  Take a seat and wait for the service to begin or meet people who will be only too glad to make you feel at home.


We usually begin with praise and worship.  Our style is varied.  We include traditional hymns and modern contemporary worship.  Guitars, drums, keyboards etc, but it is important to us that music should compliment and aid our worship, not overpower it.  (You won’t leave reaching for your headache tablets).

Stand or sit, whichever suits you.  Wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing.  Most people are casually smart.  Some ties, some not.  Some jeans, some not.  If you wear a hat ladies, that’s not a problem, although most you will find do not.  And either way that’s all ok.  Its more important that you are in church.

During our morning service, the children leave after about 15-20 minutes to go down to OAKS (Open Arms Kids Church).  Again, no-one forces them to leave, but believe us, when they are in OAKS once, you won’t have any issues getting them to go back. OAKS is a blast and most importantly they learn about God in a safe environment.


Each week our pastor usually brings a practical life based message (usually in a series) with exposition from God’s word.  These can be teaching, topical, practical and/or exposition based and can be listened to on our website each week (and retrospectively in our sermon archives).  We also have others speaking including guest speakers but the pastor is responsible for the overall spiritual welfare of the church through God’s word.

You can be sure that you will be made very welcome.

Services last around 60-75 minutes typically.

Afterwards, feel free to mingle and grab another coffee – most folk hang around for another 30-60 minutes after the service is over.

We would love to meet you – and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email.

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